Torque Video Systems DVStor Adds Ransomware Protection

DVStor Nows Provides Backup Against Ransomware Attacks


Many of you know about DVStor, Torque Video’s flexible transport stream recorder / player for its applications in disaster recovery, time shifting, and compliance recording applications. This economical tool now has another valuable application.

Torque Video System’s CEO, Danny Wilson announced recently, “Malicious cyber threats and ransomware attacks in recent months have impacted several industries, and broadcast operations not unscathed. Staffing shortages and COVID-19 restrictions are bad enough, but the implications of a station going off-air are particularly severe. These days, having an air-gapped DVStor at the transmitter provides multi-day reliable disaster recovery playout in the event of ransomware incidents. The DVStor assures that broadcast stations remain on-air even though their entire operations may be disrupted, keeping ad revenue flowing in. A small price for peace of mind.”

Another new feature is Incremental File Transfer. This capability allows news organizations to monitor overseas news broadcasts and deliver full resolution clips back to the local studio. For this application, DVStor includes event driven scheduling to acquire and transfer specific programs.

You can download the DVStor Datasheet at this link.

Call us anytime to schedule a briefing and demo of the DVStor, or Torque Video Systems other transport stream products including:

DVMon – The compact MPEG-TS monitor for Cable, Satellite, IPTV and Broadcast applications

Pelican – A complete, high density, transcode platform that provides mass decode – encode functionality for 10’s or 100’s of live IP streams (UDP / RTP / HTTP) as well as file based transcodes workflows.

Quine – Production Asset Management

At Trock Media Solutions, we are noted for introducing small, innovative, manufacturers whose products provide impactful value. We are now proudly introducing Quine and their flagship product, QuineCore, a Production Asset Management (PAM) system that tracks and reconnects your video and audio assets with its related metadata. Maintaining those valuable relationships throughout the production process from creation to distribution saves time and money.
For our customers that produce scripted and unscripted programming and related interstitial materials, Quine’s tools simplify shared editing, review processes, collaboration and post-integration.
Quine Distributed Collaborative Workflow is a ground-breaking, fast, and connected PAM system for local and distributed production. It provides collaborative tools for participants on different shifts and in different time zones.
If your production group is a small to mid-sized operation that didn’t imagine it could afford the advanced tools and required IT expertise that can save your organization time and money, think again!
Please review the information below and call Trock Media Solutions for your personalized introduction to Quine.
QuineCore Simplifies Structured Media-Handling and Sharing
Quine observed that PAM tools often work in isolated silos while solving different aspects of the same problem.
Quine has developed tools to manage the exchange of files, metadata, and communication that work together as an orchestra, not as a group of soloists.
Use Quine QI to:
  • Ingest anything
  • Transcode assets
  • View dailies on personal devices
  • Manage the reviews process
  • Provide structured sharing of all files and assets

How and Why Should You Ingest with QI (Quine Ingest)?

Click the graphic for an introductory video.

NewTek Intros 3Play® 3P2, UHD Capable Replay System

Today’s announcement of the NewTek 3Play® 3P2 replay system marks a big advancement in live video production equipment. As is usual for NewTek, the 3P2 combines efficiency, connectivity and affordability and breaks through by allowing replays in beautiful HUD for sports and esports video production.

The new 3Play® 3P2 features include increased inputs, sharable playlists, and automated session clean-up; giving production teams more time to share every nail-biting moment of action. Combined with NewTek’s industry-leading live production systems and control surfaces, 3Play® 3P2 offers the most complete, cost-effective, end-to-end IP based live event production workflow ever available from a single solution supplier

NewTek always provides a massive feature set in their TriCaster and 3Play products and the 3P2 is no exception. New features include:

  • Eight IP resolution-independent video inputs and four 3G/HD SDI inputs (Select any 8 sources).
  • Two outputs (available as both IP and SDI)
  • Sharable Playlists for collaborative sports production workflows
  • Built-in playback zoom and tracking
  • Native NDI-connected telestration tool
  • Automated session management
  • Ultra High Definition 2160p60 capability.

NewTek 3play 3P2 is an unmatched sports replay solution. Reach out to Trock Media Solutions so we can professional video production equipment needs and provide you with all the information about 3Play 3P2. Click here to contact us.


Optimizing Remote Production Collaboration with Quine

Trock Media Solutions’ partner, Quine, has a unique approach to managing production/post-production workflow and the metadata that creates efficiencies in this collaborative effort, from production to post to graphics, audio post, and VFX.

Quine believes that siloing of production assets inhibit your production workflow. A production asset management solution must streamline the exchange of files, metadata, and the collaborative notes that are the history of your project must work together. Quine’s cloud-based product, QuineCore, normalizes the ingest process, creating structured relationships between assets, metadata, and collaborative notes and maintaining those connections throughout the production.

The goal is to connect all aspects of production on a single platform. It’s not automated post production but in a professional video editing environment, Quine can save you many hours of manual processing.

In a posting on their website, they demonstrate an aspect of that, as it applies to remote production collaboration.

In this video they use Quine Ingest to get, organize and share media, import assets in Premiere Team Project using the QuineCore Premier Plugin, share the project and dynamically edit in realtime with multiple editors. Finally, they export and automatically upload all the assets to QuineCore for review by all stakeholders. Any comments from the originals stay synchronized to you have a full history of the project.

You can see the video here and read all the details on the Quine News page.

If you would like to learn more about Quine, please reach out to us at this link.

Vela Intro’s Vela Quantum: High-Density Monitoring & Compliance Logging Solution

Since Verizon’s Volicon was ended, Vela’s Encompass and Luna systems now represent the standard for broadcast compliance logging. These systems support logging for your legal obligations (captions, loudness), for proof of performance, and even for clipping and repurposing off-air for OTT use. Vela Encompass also includes tools for competition monitoring, ratings graphing, HLS packaging, and competitor-aired ad-identification with lead-list generation for sales.

Now Vela has created a new product, Quantum, to address the needs of customers needing to monitor dozens or even hundreds of channels, including monitoring at multiple points in the distribution chain. The Vela Quantum High-Density Monitoring and Compliance Logging system provides information and alerting on video, audio, and ancillary data necessary to ensure regulatory compliance and data integrity. The Quantum system allows operators to monitor up to 100 independent video programs with associated audio in a single 1RU system. Multiple systems can be accessed, managed, and operated from a single web-based user interface, from anywhere, allowing the solution to scale to over 1000 channels.

You can learn more about Encompass, Luna, and Quantum here.

Vela Quantum GUI
Vela Quantum Provides Comprehensive Monitoring for 100’s of stations

If you are thinking about any TV broadcast compliance recording needs, contact Rick Trock and let us guide you through your options.

Automating SCTE-104 / SCTE-35 to increase ad revenues

Are you making the most of your OTT ad insertion opportunities? When I visit customers considering or implementing OTT, they almost always have issues generating the right SCTE 104/35 messages at precisely the right time.

Trock Media Solutions can now bring you a powerful system that gives your team complete, plain English tools for leveraging Dynamic Ad Insertion with frame-accurate results. If this is a problem you need to solve, we can arrange a briefing with the SCTE experts from Middleman Software.

Introducing AdIT SCTE 104/35 Messaging Software
AdIT is powerful new software that gives broadcasters the ability to provide a targeted and personalized viewing experience without affecting existing broadcast operations. AdIT is software that communicates with your broadcast playout automation system to dynamically generate SCTE 104/35 messages and insert them into SDI video via Cobalt Digital hardware with frame-accurate precision.

Why do you need AdIT?
Video broadcast distribution in the twenty-first century demands a targeted and personalized viewing experience. AdIT enables broadcasters and distribution partners to meet these demands by providing the in-band frame-accurate messaging required by new media distribution methods while working seamlessly with current broadcast operations.

Distribution partners use these messages with the incorporated metadata, together with attributes of the audience, to dynamically insert advertisements, generate regionalized feeds, enforce local blackouts and implement other content restrictions.

How does AdIT know when to generate each type of SCTE message?
AdIT employs two user-configurable rules engines. The Content Identification Rules Engine identifies content in real-time based on many different properties, including your specific naming convention and business rules. AdIT’s Messaging Rules Engine allows the user to define the type of SCTE 104/35 message to generate when your playout is transitioning from one type of content to another.

AdIT Network Edition can further enrich the messaging by automatically including alternative identifiers such as AdID’s, ISCI’s and EIDR codes from customer-provided metadata sources.

If you are working on your SCTE-104 messaging plan, please let us support your efforts.  You can contact Rick Trock here.

Visit Middleman Software at

Telestream Announces Accelerated Video Processing with Lightspeed G8 Server Now Powering Vantage. Ask about the K80 Upgrade Program!

NEW G8: Higher Performance Lightspeed® Server

March 17, 2021. Telestream announced today the introduction and availability of the Lightspeed G8 Server, increasing throughput and processing efficiency for the Vantage product line.

Telestream says that the G8 Server is up to 80 percent faster than the K80 (operation dependent). The G8 is as much as 50 percent more power-efficient. The Lightspeed G8 Server, which is replacing the Lightspeed K80 server, is a 1U system with a new CPU and dual GPU architecture.

File transfers are accelerated by Lightspeed G8 Server’s four 10Gbps networking ports. Taking advantage of this architecture means real-time savings, especially when all four ports are ganged for 40Gbps throughput. Local drive space has been expanded, too. The system has seven available drive bays and a RAID OS option for redundancy. This may eliminate the need for expensive external storage.

Telestream has also announced that support for the K80 ends on 12/31/21.

Upgrade Program for K80 Owners:
K80 owners who upgrade to the Lightspeed G8 by June 30th, 2021, will receive a 20% discount off list price and existing Silver, Gold or Platinum support on the K80 will transfer over to the G8 for the balance of the term.

Telestream’s Vantage products for enterprise media processing allow automated file-based processing. Need to distribute to the web? Vantage includes ABR video software to create your files. Create lots of daily promos? Vantage offers an automated post production tool to auto assemble your bag and tag work. With Vantage complex file processes run from beginning to end without human intervention.

Contact Trock Media Solutions for more information.
Learn more about the G8 server here:

VideoFlow Addresses the Challenges of Signal Reliability during Satellite Interference

In a recent article, VideoFlow’s CTO, Adi Rozenberg, addresses the problems that occur when a satellite signal suffers from interference and how to protect against these potentially costly signal disruptions. Satellite signals are great because they cover such huge areas but they can be disrupted by weather, RF interference including the growth of 5G and its overlap with C-band, sunspots, even overflights. In the article, Rozenberg explains the problem and the reasons that it’s likely that these problems will get worse, not better.

The article introduces VideoFlows unique and patent-protected system, RISE (Reliable Internet Satellite Eco-system). RISE identifies missing packets and delivers them over POI (plain old internet), an inexpensive backup path to the satellite feed. Packet recovery is seamless and original packets seamlessly replace missing or corrupt packets while all timing information is preserved. For the first time, users can implement a new application into an existing system to implement interference avoidance, provides a proactive, shielded transmission during episodes of interference, and remove headaches from the equation.

VideoFlow creates unique products for clients seeking video over IP equipment. Their software is extraordinarily flexible and can be used for STL and STLTP applications, providing stream protection as well as confidence returns. Their products are SFN compatible. Other use cases include studio backup and transmitter backup for DR. In fact, VideoFlow’s products can protect your video over any IP network and supports their DVP protocol as well as RIST, Zixi, SRT, SMPTE2110 and others.

See Rozenberg’s article here, and contact Trock Media Solutions for more information about VideoFlow’s satellite broadcast backup solutions and other applications.

Chyron Expands into Weather Graphics

There have been some big changes at Chyron this year. First, they have returned to their roots, reclaiming the Chyron name after several years as ChyronHego. Secondly, Chyron has expanded their graphics line by acquiring Weather Suite from DTN. With this addition, Chyron not only becomes a major player in display of weather data, they also have introduced a path to significant cost reductions for stations and other producers of weather media.

In a recently published blog post, “Five Ways to Lower the Cost of Your Weather Graphics System” Chyron explains how Chyron Weather provides flexibility while saving money. Chyron Weather’s data-agnostic forecasting approach allows users to use your preferred data sources, untethered from large, expensive data packages. You can use your top-tier weather data and combine it with free, publicly available data sources. The article addresses other cost reducers including simplified operations that can be used by meteorologists, graphic designers, producers, and journalists. Then there’s MOS integration to make the integration of weather graphics into your NRCS fast and easy.

Learn more about Chyron Weather Graphics and how it can work in your newsroom here. We would love to discuss your graphics needs. You can contact Trock Media Solutions here.

Vertiv Shares Research on Pandemic Proof Data Centers

In the first of a series on data center industry research, Vertiv has published a powerful article highlighting the importance of resilient infrastructure that can protect against faults, hackers, and grid failures as well as pandemics. The article cites information from the Uptime Institute on the impact of COVID-19 on data center operations. The rather ominous, pragmatic article notes that “COVID-19 will almost certainly not be the last pandemic – and it may only be one of many. Operators, therefore, are not making these changes in response to COVID-19, but in anticipation of future pandemics.”

The article addresses three pandemic related changes: Reaction, Mitigation, and Adaptation. Reaction describes the first weeks and months after the emergency occurs. Mitigation speaks to the processes created in the reactive phase, that become the new procedures. Adaptation is the planning that will lead us into the next 18 months as we wrestle with ways to protect our data centers in the future.

You can read the article here and contact Trock Media Solutions to discuss Vertiv’s solutions for your facility by clicking this link.