Optimizing Remote Production Collaboration with Quine

Trock Media Solutions’ partner, Quine, has a unique approach to managing production/post-production workflow and the metadata that creates efficiencies in this collaborative effort, from production to post to graphics, audio post, and VFX.

Quine believes that siloing of production assets inhibit your production workflow. A production asset management solution must streamline the exchange of files, metadata, and the collaborative notes that are the history of your project must work together. Quine’s cloud-based product, QuineCore, normalizes the ingest process, creating structured relationships between assets, metadata, and collaborative notes and maintaining those connections throughout the production.

The goal is to connect all aspects of production on a single platform. It’s not automated post production but in a professional video editing environment, Quine can save you many hours of manual processing.

In a posting on their website, they demonstrate an aspect of that, as it applies to remote production collaboration.

In this video they use Quine Ingest to get, organize and share media, import assets in Premiere Team Project using the QuineCore Premier Plugin, share the project and dynamically edit in realtime with multiple editors. Finally, they export and automatically upload all the assets to QuineCore for review by all stakeholders. Any comments from the originals stay synchronized to you have a full history of the project.

You can see the video here and read all the details on the Quine News page.

If you would like to learn more about Quine, please reach out to us at this link.

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