“NewTek’s mission is the same as when they they started out in 1986. NewTek believes that at some point in the near future‚ your favorite shows will be produced by someone you know. Maybe even you. The NewTek team continues to work at making it easy and really cost–effective for anyone to produce great television. Whether it’s live production and streaming‚ slow motion and instant replay‚ motion graphics and visual effects–we make a range of tools to help get the job done.

Today‚ our main product families include:

TriCaster® – All–in–one‚ integrated live production system that offers the power of a live network studio. When paired with live streaming over the Web‚ anyone can create and share a professional TV show. Students‚ premiere broadcast networks‚ major league sports networks and teams‚ along with some of the world’s biggest corporations–all use TriCaster to produce and stream live events‚ and expand their audiences‚ faster than ever before.

3Play™ – Slow motion and instant replay system for sports producers at all levels. Easy to use‚ with a very small footprint‚ and at a fraction of the cost of other replay systems‚ 3Play allows field crews‚ vans and trucks‚ local broadcasters‚ smaller facilities‚ collegiate and educational athletic departments to produce energetic highlight recaps‚ with play–by–pay commentary that turns average spectators into passionate fanatics.

LightWave 3D – Industry–leading 3D animation and visual effects software used by artists working in television‚ feature and short film‚ architecture and design‚ games and print. More artists‚ supervisors‚ producers‚ and studios have won Emmy® Awards using LightWave for animation and visual effects than any other animation software.”