Chyron Expands into Weather Graphics

There have been some big changes at Chyron this year. First, they have returned to their roots, reclaiming the Chyron name after several years as ChyronHego. Secondly, Chyron has expanded their graphics line by acquiring Weather Suite from DTN. With this addition, Chyron not only becomes a major player in display of weather data, they also have introduced a path to significant cost reductions for stations and other producers of weather media.

In a recently published blog post, “Five Ways to Lower the Cost of Your Weather Graphics System” Chyron explains how Chyron Weather provides flexibility while saving money. Chyron Weather’s data-agnostic forecasting approach allows users to use your preferred data sources, untethered from large, expensive data packages. You can use your top-tier weather data and combine it with free, publicly available data sources. The article addresses other cost reducers including simplified operations that can be used by meteorologists, graphic designers, producers, and journalists. Then there’s MOS integration to make the integration of weather graphics into your NRCS fast and easy.

Learn more about Chyron Weather Graphics and how it can work in your newsroom here. We would love to discuss your graphics needs. You can contact Trock Media Solutions here.

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