Quine – Production Asset Management

At Trock Media Solutions, we are noted for introducing small, innovative, manufacturers whose products provide impactful value. We are now proudly introducing Quine and their flagship product, QuineCore, a Production Asset Management (PAM) system that tracks and reconnects your video and audio assets with its related metadata. Maintaining those valuable relationships throughout the production process from creation to distribution saves time and money.
For our customers that produce scripted and unscripted programming and related interstitial materials, Quine’s tools simplify shared editing, review processes, collaboration and post-integration.
Quine Distributed Collaborative Workflow is a ground-breaking, fast, and connected PAM system for local and distributed production. It provides collaborative tools for participants on different shifts and in different time zones.
If your production group is a small to mid-sized operation that didn’t imagine it could afford the advanced tools and required IT expertise that can save your organization time and money, think again!
Please review the information below and call Trock Media Solutions for your personalized introduction to Quine.
QuineCore Simplifies Structured Media-Handling and Sharing
Quine observed that PAM tools often work in isolated silos while solving different aspects of the same problem.
Quine has developed tools to manage the exchange of files, metadata, and communication that work together as an orchestra, not as a group of soloists.
Use Quine QI to:
  • Ingest anything
  • Transcode assets
  • View dailies on personal devices
  • Manage the reviews process
  • Provide structured sharing of all files and assets

How and Why Should You Ingest with QI (Quine Ingest)?

Click the graphic for an introductory video.

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