Telestream Announces Accelerated Video Processing with Lightspeed G8 Server Now Powering Vantage. Ask about the K80 Upgrade Program!

NEW G8: Higher Performance Lightspeed® Server

March 17, 2021. Telestream announced today the introduction and availability of the Lightspeed G8 Server, increasing throughput and processing efficiency for the Vantage product line.

Telestream says that the G8 Server is up to 80 percent faster than the K80 (operation dependent). The G8 is as much as 50 percent more power-efficient. The Lightspeed G8 Server, which is replacing the Lightspeed K80 server, is a 1U system with a new CPU and dual GPU architecture.

File transfers are accelerated by Lightspeed G8 Server’s four 10Gbps networking ports. Taking advantage of this architecture means real-time savings, especially when all four ports are ganged for 40Gbps throughput. Local drive space has been expanded, too. The system has seven available drive bays and a RAID OS option for redundancy. This may eliminate the need for expensive external storage.

Telestream has also announced that support for the K80 ends on 12/31/21.

Upgrade Program for K80 Owners:
K80 owners who upgrade to the Lightspeed G8 by June 30th, 2021, will receive a 20% discount off list price and existing Silver, Gold or Platinum support on the K80 will transfer over to the G8 for the balance of the term.

Telestream’s Vantage products for enterprise media processing allow automated file-based processing. Need to distribute to the web? Vantage includes ABR video software to create your files. Create lots of daily promos? Vantage offers an automated post production tool to auto assemble your bag and tag work. With Vantage complex file processes run from beginning to end without human intervention.

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Learn more about the G8 server here:

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