Torque Video Systems DVStor Adds Ransomware Protection

DVStor Nows Provides Backup Against Ransomware Attacks


Many of you know about DVStor, Torque Video’s flexible transport stream recorder / player for its applications in disaster recovery, time shifting, and compliance recording applications. This economical tool now has another valuable application.

Torque Video System’s CEO, Danny Wilson announced recently, “Malicious cyber threats and ransomware attacks in recent months have impacted several industries, and broadcast operations not unscathed. Staffing shortages and COVID-19 restrictions are bad enough, but the implications of a station going off-air are particularly severe. These days, having an air-gapped DVStor at the transmitter provides multi-day reliable disaster recovery playout in the event of ransomware incidents. The DVStor assures that broadcast stations remain on-air even though their entire operations may be disrupted, keeping ad revenue flowing in. A small price for peace of mind.”

Another new feature is Incremental File Transfer. This capability allows news organizations to monitor overseas news broadcasts and deliver full resolution clips back to the local studio. For this application, DVStor includes event driven scheduling to acquire and transfer specific programs.

You can download the DVStor Datasheet at this link.

Call us anytime to schedule a briefing and demo of the DVStor, or Torque Video Systems other transport stream products including:

DVMon – The compact MPEG-TS monitor for Cable, Satellite, IPTV and Broadcast applications

Pelican – A complete, high density, transcode platform that provides mass decode – encode functionality for 10’s or 100’s of live IP streams (UDP / RTP / HTTP) as well as file based transcodes workflows.

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