Vela Intro’s Vela Quantum: High-Density Monitoring & Compliance Logging Solution

Since Verizon’s Volicon was ended, Vela’s Encompass and Luna systems now represent the standard for broadcast compliance logging. These systems support logging for your legal obligations (captions, loudness), for proof of performance, and even for clipping and repurposing off-air for OTT use. Vela Encompass also includes tools for competition monitoring, ratings graphing, HLS packaging, and competitor-aired ad-identification with lead-list generation for sales.

Now Vela has created a new product, Quantum, to address the needs of customers needing to monitor dozens or even hundreds of channels, including monitoring at multiple points in the distribution chain. The Vela Quantum High-Density Monitoring and Compliance Logging system provides information and alerting on video, audio, and ancillary data necessary to ensure regulatory compliance and data integrity. The Quantum system allows operators to monitor up to 100 independent video programs with associated audio in a single 1RU system. Multiple systems can be accessed, managed, and operated from a single web-based user interface, from anywhere, allowing the solution to scale to over 1000 channels.

You can learn more about Encompass, Luna, and Quantum here.

Vela Quantum GUI
Vela Quantum Provides Comprehensive Monitoring for 100’s of stations

If you are thinking about any TV broadcast compliance recording needs, contact Rick Trock and let us guide you through your options.

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