Vertiv Shares Research on Pandemic Proof Data Centers

In the first of a series on data center industry research, Vertiv has published a powerful article highlighting the importance of resilient infrastructure that can protect against faults, hackers, and grid failures as well as pandemics. The article cites information from the Uptime Institute on the impact of COVID-19 on data center operations. The rather ominous, pragmatic article notes that “COVID-19 will almost certainly not be the last pandemic – and it may only be one of many. Operators, therefore, are not making these changes in response to COVID-19, but in anticipation of future pandemics.”

The article addresses three pandemic related changes: Reaction, Mitigation, and Adaptation. Reaction describes the first weeks and months after the emergency occurs. Mitigation speaks to the processes created in the reactive phase, that become the new procedures. Adaptation is the planning that will lead us into the next 18 months as we wrestle with ways to protect our data centers in the future.

You can read the article here and contact Trock Media Solutions to discuss Vertiv’s solutions for your facility by clicking this link.

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