VideoFlow Addresses the Challenges of Signal Reliability during Satellite Interference

In a recent article, VideoFlow’s CTO, Adi Rozenberg, addresses the problems that occur when a satellite signal suffers from interference and how to protect against these potentially costly signal disruptions. Satellite signals are great because they cover such huge areas but they can be disrupted by weather, RF interference including the growth of 5G and its overlap with C-band, sunspots, even overflights. In the article, Rozenberg explains the problem and the reasons that it’s likely that these problems will get worse, not better.

The article introduces VideoFlows unique and patent-protected system, RISE (Reliable Internet Satellite Eco-system). RISE identifies missing packets and delivers them over POI (plain old internet), an inexpensive backup path to the satellite feed. Packet recovery is seamless and original packets seamlessly replace missing or corrupt packets while all timing information is preserved. For the first time, users can implement a new application into an existing system to implement interference avoidance, provides a proactive, shielded transmission during episodes of interference, and remove headaches from the equation.

VideoFlow creates unique products for clients seeking video over IP equipment. Their software is extraordinarily flexible and can be used for STL and STLTP applications, providing stream protection as well as confidence returns. Their products are SFN compatible. Other use cases include studio backup and transmitter backup for DR. In fact, VideoFlow’s products can protect your video over any IP network and supports their DVP protocol as well as RIST, Zixi, SRT, SMPTE2110 and others.

See Rozenberg’s article here, and contact Trock Media Solutions for more information about VideoFlow’s satellite broadcast backup solutions and other applications.

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